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Not the first Envirosax bag that I own, these are great, roomy, durable and now very pretty as well. Love them!
Love the shiny new option
I love Enviroxax! I got my first set about 13 years ago I think and I buy them for all my friends For birthday gifts they are so strong and last forever and they’re cute too.
Nice design
Quality beauty and durability
perfect I had one that lasted 30 years ..!!! now a new one has arrived with a beautiful color ..!!!
Great quality, fast delivery
Beauty design
Always love these bags
This is my fifth bag...and the first one in 15 years I've purchased. I used these bags ALL THE TIME and obviously they last. Now I plan to add 4 more to my collection.
 Durable, beautiful and they roll up so small.
Nice, practical, but small
I am customer of Envirosax since many years ago. I like your products, however I would appreciate to have it in a larger size.
Love all the patterns/colors on
Love all the patterns/colors on these bags. These are my favorite bags to use!!!
These bags are so pretty,
These bags are so pretty, super sturdy and hold much more than you'd think. Pack down and roll up to a convenient size, easy to throw a few in a work bag for quick grocery trips on way home from work.
Only negative is they used to be an Australian supplier, so price was in AUD, however didn't find out that wasn't the case now until AFTER purchase, with a significant difference due to conversion rate
Pretty, voluminous, and durable
I’ve had this exact bag (and three more in other prints) for more than twenty years. I’ve used them on countless shopping trips, and I always throw one in my suitcase when I travel. They have stood up beautifully to heavy loads and through many washings. I love that I can tie the handles together if I want to keep things from spilling.
Love this bag, beautiful design and color. Would highly recommend. Customer service is amazing and delivery came quickly.
Love it. It is my
Love it. It is my second one. Bought my 1st one 10 years ago, exactly the same except ties in different place. Best bag ever has brought me to many a beach all over the globe.