Envirosax are renowned for designing reusable shopping bags and high-quality supplements and sourcing organic textiles. With a dedicated supply chain team boasting 20 years of experience, we ensure the seamless production and delivery of high quality textile products.

Meanwhile, we have produced Envirosax custom bags for thousands of corporate customers. Envirosax has built an entire supply and quality control system, the factory is professional enough and fluent cooperation under international organization for standardization. Moreover, we offer cost-effective shipping solutions for orders manufactured outside the USA, leveraging our existing logistics to reduce unit freight costs. If you seek a reliable, responsible, and professional manufacturing partner, look no further than us.

  1. Our factory has a production capacity far beyond what Envirosax requires. This means that our supply system can accommodate new customers. When your order isn't too large, it can easily fit into our factory's schedule, especially during periods when we're not focused on Envirosax's products.
  2. If you have a small order that needs to be manufactured outside the USA, you might be concerned about the high unit product costs. However, we offer a solution: we can consolidate your order with Envirosax's, reducing the unit freight cost for your products.
  3. Envirosax is renowned for its expertise in colors and patterns printing, making us exceptionally skilled in all types of printing techniques. Whether you require intricate designs or vibrant colors, we are your best choice for expert assistance. Our deep familiarity with printing processes ensures that we can meet your needs with precision and excellence.
  4. We possess strong expertise in material sourcing and maintain excellent relationships with numerous fabric suppliers, dyeing sources, and accessories suppliers. We understand the challenges that experienced buyers face when placing orders and requiring quick turnaround times, especially when suppliers are busy fulfilling other orders. Our established connections and adept negotiation skills enable us to navigate these challenges efficiently, ensuring prompt fulfillment of orders and exceeding our clients' expectations.


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For nearly two decades, Envirosax has been a global leader in sustainable and stylish bag solutions. Since our inception in 2004, we have proudly served customers in 52 countries worldwide, delivering innovative, eco-friendly bags that combine fashion with functionality. Envirosax has earned its reputation as a trusted brand, thanks to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

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